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Due to various personal and health reasons - a number of our original members have decided to scale back their participation with the group, with some not being able to participate in the future. We are looking for new members. Members who want to build their own modules based on a CASO location and run their own CASO related equipment are welcome to inquiry about becoming a member of the group. We can also used a few participants willing to help out at the shows in the set up and tear down of the layout and have the chance to help run trains during the show. Please note that we are not a formal club. We have no monthly/annual dues or meetings. Those who decide to build new modules may be asked to help offset the costs of the 'group' assets ( these being the staging yards and some of the digitrax equipment ). If you think you could offer a quality built module to our high level of modelling standards or would simply like to come out to a show and help out - please contact us at

Unfortunately, on July 5th, 2012 we lost one of the premier model builders. Richard Chrysler was one of the first to join onto the CASO Free-mo effort with his Windham module and helped in the construction of many other modules. Always friendly to everyone and always willing to help and encourage other modellers to strive for excellence in their modelling efforts. He will be greatly missed, not only within our group, but among the modelling community here in Southern Ontario. To all his friends and family, we offer our greatest condolences.




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